Welcome to Southborough Home

A friendly and safe care home.

Front view of Southborough Home

Hello and welcome to our website.

Everything you need to know about our home is listed in this website. If you have any questions about anything regarding our home please feel free to contact us.

A little about us:

Our aim at Southborough Home is to make our care home a friendly, safe and caring environment so that the residents can feel comfortable and content. We also want every resident to feel at home and realistically anything we can do to achieve this will be done. Every member of staff respects the privacy and dignity of the residents; everyone is treated equally depending on who or what they are. Furthermore we try to promote independence to all our residents as it allows them to feel like they live here to live, not just to be looked after!

We have a wide range of staff that are here which ranges from handymen, chefs, cleaners, on call nurses and of course social carers, everyone communicates with the residents and have been trained to do so whether that is sitting and talking to them, feeding the less capable residents, watching tv together, playing board games or bingo and we try to get everyone involved.

We welcome all enquiries - please contact a member of our friendly staff today.