Our Staff

Residential care at its finest.

View of the main lounge at Southborough HomeAttention

Our staff are here to attend to every residents care needs, we will get to know how you like to do things and your routine, from waking up in the night for a quick snack, to having time to outside in the garden to get some fresh air and have a cup of tea.

It is your home

Our housekeeping staff will maintain the cleanliness of your room make sure it is tidy at all times, our maintenance staff will make sure the home is safe and secure and your room is set out how you like it.

Promoting hobbies and interests

All residents are encouraged to keep any hobbies or interests they have, this could be a wide range of things such as painting, feeding the ducks, listening to your favourite singer. If we are notified by the resident themselves or by their relatives we will try everything we can to make it a possibility.

Interested? - Please contact us today to arrange a visit.